Tuesday, February 10, 2009

WTF.... Is really going on....?

Ok, so i got me some ass the other day, and I just couldn't believe that this motherfucker only last for 8min.....? What grown ass man does that, and his damn excuse was, "your shit is so good I just couldn't help it...". WTF..... R u serious? Like I never NEVer NEVER had anyone who last ONLY 8min.... That's like so not satisfying. Really.

Guys now days just want to fuck you and that's it, they not talking bout no relationship or anything. It's like they see a female that has a good head on her shoulders and doing shit for herself and they just want to come and lay up on her. Man time are too damn hard for that shit. AMEN!

So with that being said just the other day... matter of fact it was just yesterday this guy that i have been talking to off and on for about 2yrs go have the nerve and ask me to move in... WTF do I look like..? Do I look like booboo tha fool?? Nigga please.

#1. You staying with ya girl....

#2 when you had the chance to talk to me, you choose someone else over me...(that's what happens when you choose trash over a classy bitch)

#3 You go quite your job and move clear across town to stay with me...
(my nigga don't you know we in a recession)

#4 and if I was to say yea, (not that I am) what makes you think I want your ass there with me...

I like his swag, but to me he is not bf material.... not at all.

* So much I have on my mind about guys... i just don't understand.

Well gotta get back to work...

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