Thursday, February 5, 2009


I wonder why the only thing that guys want to do is fuck....??

Well to make a long story short, my mother is trying to hook me up with this guys....WTF?? I just got out of this 1yr relationship and Im really not ready to move on that fast. Im not even gonna lie I do still love him but I can't be with him.

Anywhoo, this guy is totally not my type, and the only reason why I'm talking to him is because he is helping to remodel my mother house. Well he called last night and we talked for a good lil min, longer than normal. Well the convo was going good until he started asking me all these personal questions (and yall know what kind of questions im talking about). So my silly ass, sittn here entertaining him. So this nigga talking bout come over so he can munch on my pumpum....
......LOL.....??? WTF is a pumpum?.....

And from there I lost kind of respect for him. Like dude we just started talking and you want me to fuck you...? And on top of that I just told you, I think all guys are hoe until that one guy comes and prove me differently. So, WOW today I had to go to my mom house to let them in so they could change the back doors in the house. And he's like can I come sit with you, and Im like NO, don't you have work to do??He was like I just want to come sit by you and talk. So I kinda brushed his ass off.... Im like wtf... dude last night was our first time that we actually sat down and had a convosation with each other. You are just like thae rest of em'.

Niggas these days.

Even though I havent had sex in a while b/c Im tryn to hold out until I get into a relationship b/c I know how my feelns are.


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