Tuesday, February 24, 2009

34 more days!!!

Well, I am supper excited about my lil vacation that me and my bestie has planned. We are going to VEGAS and I can't wait!!!. Our fiend James will be accompanying us as well!! Too bad we are not going during spring break but it doesn't matter to me b/c were gonna have fun either way it goes. I already let her know anything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas..... But I don't have to worry about that with her b/c she doesn't tell ppl business like that anyway. I already know that I will be getting f 'd up anyway it goes. We're gonna be out there 6 days and 5 nights. Most likely 4 out of the 5 night there I will be f 'd up... I lie...LOL, ALL 5 night I will be f 'd up. YEY!!! I have 34 more days to go until we depart.

Here's a pic of the hotel we're staying at... The Luxor

Now the only thing is... I never been on a plan before, so I am xtra scared. I just think back to 9-11 and just recently there was a Continental plane that crashed. Now the statistics states that flying in a plane is 90% safer then driving in a car. I don't know how true that is but... I guess I can go ahead and take that risk. Everyone has all these different stories about when you first get on the plane make sure your seat isn't by the window. But, I'm a window chick... Some ppl say before the plan lift off chew gum, stuff ur ears with cotton, cross your legs and etc. All those are crazy but I think the chew gum one is true. But, I will be praying from the time of arrival at the airport until we land. Cuz only GOD knows.

I think I'm gonna end it here...

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