Friday, March 20, 2009


So..., clearly I haven't been on here in a min, but I like really been going through it.

Any who...., last Sunday when I got off work i stopped at my mom house and paid a bill online for her but when I got to my apt and I was going through the gate, there was a car that was supposedly coming out. So when I went through they turn into an empty parking spot and then reverse and started following me. So, by me being the OH SO SMART person that I am I didn't go no where near my apt, I actually came out on the other gate on the right side. Now, when I got to the first stop sign they turned off their light and put on their blinker. And, when I got to the next stop sign I was gonna turn left and they got in the right lane and acted as if they were gonna turn right and when I turned left they turned left as well behind me. When I seen that they turned left, I immediately mashed on the gas, I checked my rear view and they were right behind me trying to catch up with me. Then they got on side of me and I mashed on my brakes... they kept going and they stopped st the intersection waiting on me. I was soo freaking scared I didn't know what to do. I was trying to call 911 but I was shaking so bad I couldn't unlock my phone to dial 911. So then they acted as if they were gonna reverse and come back towards me, so I put my car in reverse as well. But then they put their car in drive and drove off towards off back to the apts. I put my car in drive and hauled ass. I finally was able to call 911 and I went to the police station to file a police report and have someone escort me back to my apt. But when I got there, a cop came out and was listening to my story/ situation. He was NOT writing anything down or nothing so I'm thinking to myself like don't he need to be writing what I'm saying down...? Any whoo, after I told him everything he said well your apts are not within the Stafford city limits. And we don't respond to calls or anything for those apts. Then he said you should have called to Fort Bend Police dept. I looked at him like are you fucking serious...? Like you are a cop, your job is to protect and serve and you're telling me you can't do a damn thing for me.... WTF??? So I said when someone is following you or your life is in danger when u dial 911 and the dispatcher picks up, you just start talking b/c you need help. He said well there nothing that I can do you should have called the Fort Bend Police dept, and I'm like... HELLO.... 911. He's like I know that not what u want to hear right now, but I'm sorry. And when you go back to your apt if you see that car again call the F.B. Police dept, then he proceeded to write and give me their #, like if someone was following me or my life is in danger I'm gonna be clam enough to dial 10 digits to get help. I don't think so. So when I left there I just went to my mom house and stayed over there for about 2wks. This is a bunch of BS. I'm starting mot to have any respect for cops.. That's just ridiculous. I guess I am to be missing or found dead for them to do any damn thing about the situation. Yea I am still alive and I made it, but what if???? My life is too precious for it to be taken or played with.

Ok, let me just end it here b/c I'm getting upset again.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Catch up....

What do you think about the new glasses????

Well, I haven't been on here in a lil min.... Alot has happened since my last post. BREAKING NEWS....BREAKING NEWS: The other day my ex bf sister called me just cking on me, seeing how I am doing and I asked her about him (I haven't heard from him since Jan 8th). And she said," I guess he doing fine my momma went to go see him the other day". So... the first thought that came to mind was...., "Is he in jail"???? she said, "when did y'all break up". I told her on NY Eve. she said yea, he is in jail. i asked her what did he do and she stated that he tried to snatch someone purse...... My mouth dropped..... I'm thinking to myself, like WHY???, WHAT WAS HE THINKING???, and WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HIM FOR HIM TO EVEN THINK TO DO SUCH A THING LIKE THAT??? I didn't want to ask her too any questions but she said I'm surprised that he didn't or haven't tried to call you. I told her NO. He know not to call me!, 1 b/c we are not together anymore and 2. I told him if he ever go back to jail again... I would not be there for him like I was before when he was in jail. But, I just can't see myself going back to him, he has alot of growing up to do and he also need to get his self together before he get into another relationship. Ain't no female go put up with what I had to go through with his ass. I just thank GOD everyday for bringing me out of that relationship!!! I know yall like, OMG.. if she say that one more time... but I can not say it enough. GOD is good!

Enough about him..., can you believe my job wanted to change my schedule...? I already work til 10pm and they wanted to have me work til 11pm. I can't do that, I believe that, that time is not acceptable for a young female really ANY female to be getting off of any job that late. So just to help them out I will ONLY be working that on one day... :-(

I went to the casino this weekend with my besttie and it was ok. we went to one of the casinos that's in Lake Charles, LA. It was ok, but I'm like if this is what Vegas is going to be like then...... I'm not to sure about this vacation. She said girl no, Vegas has way more ppl and its more stuff to do! I can not wait til March 31st comes....!

Well I guess I'll end it here b/c it's time for me to go to lunch.... I'm at work on a Sunday...:-(. *roll eyes* I would rather be in church all day. But, hey alot of ppl can't say that they have a job.... I'm very thankful for this job.